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    What to Look for in a Quality Mattress

One of the most important purchases you make for your yourself should be the purchase of a good mattress. What is the use on spending all of your money on your bedroom furniture and then using that 20 year old, hand-me-down mattress that you have had since, well... forever! I guess most people overlook it partly because you can't see it. Well isn't it time for a good nights sleep?!

  • Lay down on the bed like you would use it at home! Don't sit on the end and lay back on it horizontally. Kick your feet up on it, put your head at the top and your feet at the bottom and really test it out. If you are a sleep on your side try that out.
  • When you are testing mattresses the one thing to remember is you want to find the mattress that is most comfortable for you: Firm, Plush, PillowTop, and all of the comfort levels in between. Stick to trying only those types of mattresses - it narrows your search.
  • Most furniture and mattress stores will have the all of the same brands grouped together and lined up from most expensive to least expensive.
  • If you are testing one brand and the mid priced mattress and the most expensive mattress feel the same to you... I would say purchase the mid priced one.
  • Some of the major brands on the market are: Sealy, Stearns & Foster (Owned by Sealy - the higher end line), Simmons, Serta, Spring Air, Tempur-Pedic®.
  • It can almost be impossible to compare mattress prices between competitors. Major furniture and mattress stores have contracts with Sealy, Simmons, Serta etc. so they have personalized names, fabrics, and ticking (the stitched design on the top) for their select group of mattresses they sell. So this prevents the consumer from comparing bedding store to store.
  • The Boxspring is a very important part of a mattress set. It acts as the shock absorber for the mattress.
  • Don't mix and match mattress and boxsprings. You you are going to be spending good money on a mattress set get it to match because the boxsprings are made to work along with the mattress. The weight of the mattress has a lot to do with the construction of the boxspring. Mattress are getting thicker and heavier so you need a boxspring to match.
  • Consider the extended mattress warranty (usually a 10 year plan). It is usually pretty inexpensive and with most of them you get a free mattress pad. If it is a 10 year plan every 3.5 years you get to send out for a new mattress pad at no charge... the free mattress pads you get are usually worth more than the warranty.
  • The warranty will also guard against thing like beverage spills, rips, nail polish, markers, etc. Mattress manufacturers' warranties are often voided if the mattress is stained.
  • Standard Mattress Sizes to Choose From

  • Twin or Single - 39" x 75" - Most commonly used for children's' rooms, daybeds, trundle units, and bunk beds. Easy to find linens.
  • Twin Extra Long - 39" x 80" - These are nice for college dorm rooms. the extra length is nice for taller young adults. Can be hard to find linen's. Online purchase of linen's might be the easiest
  • Full or Double - 54" x 75" - These are usually used for smaller spare bedrooms . It can be a bit narrow for two adults to sleep on. This is just over 2 feet (approx 27") of width for each person. Easy to find linen's.
  • Queen - 60" x 80" - This is a good choice for a small or narrow master bedroom or a guest room. Approx 30" width for each person, only 6" more than the Full/Double mattress.
  • Standard or Eastern King - 76" x 80" - This bed is the widest bed available and gives two adults plenty of room, a full 16" wider than a Queen Mattress. This mattress & the linen's are more popular with the US east coast. Linen's in general are easy to find - they are labeled King... Don't get Cal-King sheets they aren't wide enough!
  • California King - 72" x 84" - This is the longest bed available and still gives a two adults plenty of room. It is 12" wider than a Queen and 4" shorter than a King. This mattress & the linen's are more popular with the US west coast. Linen's in general are easy to find - they are labeled Cal King... Don't get King sheets they aren't long enough!

    After Your Mattress Purchase

  • Remember you have been sleeping on a different bed for at approximately 10 years. Your body is "used" to sleeping on that bed. It might have been uncomfortable or have sunk in where you sleep but your muscles got used to it.
  • Your body might be sore for the first night, first couple days, or even a week. It might take your body a couple weeks to adjust to your new bed.
  • Give your body a chance to get used to your new mattress.



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