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What to Look for in Quality Home Office Furniture

  • When you are thinking of purchasing furniture for your home or work office, study, or personal library think of how you will use the space.
  • If the office is going to be used for client visits and/or meetings it might be a good idea to create a small sitting area if you have the space.
  • Consider your computer equipment. How many computer screens will you have, where will your printer and computer tower go and so on.
  • Get a layout of your room. Don't forget to include the door and which way and side it opens on.
  • Look for Online Room Planners - Thomasville Furniture has an easy one to use and you can save all of your room plans (the link is on the top right hand corner of the site). Ethan Allen and La-Z-Boy also have them.
  • Decide how much storage you are going to need... bookcases, armoires lateral files, and storage cabinets are all good options.
  • Most office furniture comes with lots of different pieces so you can create the ultimate mood and layout of your office.
  • If you are working with a small space L or U shaped pieces will probably fit best.
  • If you are incorporating a small home office into and extra bedroom or guest room consider a computer armoire or workstation instead of a desk. This way the piece can hide all of your computer equipment, and still give you filing options all contained within one vertical piece.

    The Basics: What you Should Know

  • Dovetail joinery (Sliding, Thorough, or Half/Full Blind Dovetails) - Resists pulling apart and gives the drawer strength.
  • Corner Blocks - Adds strength and support.
  • Dust Panels between drawers - this prevents dust and wood shavings from getting into the drawers under it.
  • Wire Management - Look for the cut outs with plastic or metal grommets
  • Sanded/Finished Interior Drawers - This prevents splinters and shows a finishing touch to the piece.
  • Drawer Guides - I have always been told that wood on wood guides are the best because over time the wood oils itself. Metal on metal is good too, though it can bend. Ball-Bering metal guides are also very good. I would try and stay away from Wood and Metal mixes - the metal will shave the wood down over time.
  • Solid Wood Framework - Woods such as Cherry, Birch, Mahogany, Pecan, Oak, and Alder are just a few.
  • Network hub - Surge, spike and lightning protected electrical piece.
  • Shelves & Divider Panels - All removable so you can customize it.
  • Glass Top - Consider this for high use pieces. Wood will scratch over time no matter what

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